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Some of the highlights • London, Capital City • London Eye amazing views • River Thames
• Stonehenge, historic monument • William Shakespeare • Bath, UNESCO World Heritage City
• Wales • Lake District National Park • Scotland's majestic scenery • Whisky tasting
• Edinburgh, Scotland's Jewel • Catherdral city of Durham • World renowned University of Cambridge

Experience a fantastic grand tour of Great Britain, visiting Scotland, England and Wales on this whirlwind tour of the UK’s top destinations! Journeying across this green and pleasant land, taking in all the top attractions, bustling cities and stunning views. From the famous sights of London to the ancient history of Stonehenge and Bath, the vast romantic landscapes of the Cotswold’s and the Lake District to the myths and legends of Scotland, not forgetting the wonders of Wales as we take in castles and majestic National Parks! There’s so much on offer on this jam-packed holiday and we can’t wait to show you what puts the ‘great’ into Great Britain!



Including the following:


  • 16 nights bed and breakfast in carefully selected hotels (2 nights in London, 1 night in Bath, 1 night in Stratford-upon-Avon, 1 night in Chester, 1 night in Llandudno, 1 night in the Lake District, 1 night in Glasgow, 1 night in Inverness, 1 night in Perth, 2 nights in Edinburgh, 1 night in Durham, 2 nights in York, 1 night in Cambridge)

  • 十六晚优质酒店或家庭旅馆住宿(其中伦敦两晚、巴斯一晚、埃文河畔斯特拉特福镇一晚、切斯特一晚、兰迪德诺一晚、湖区一晚、格拉斯哥一晚、因弗内斯一晚、珀斯一晚、爱丁堡两晚、杜伦一晚、约克两晚、剑桥一晚)

  • Dinner in a Covent Garden Restaurant followed by ticket for West End Show

  • 在考文花园的一间餐厅晚饭后观看一场西区演出(含票)

  • Guided tour of London’s famous sights

  • 伦敦著名景点讲解游览

  • Cruise on the River Thames

  • 泰晤士河游船

  • Trip on the London Eye

  • 伦敦眼观光

  • Entry to Stonehenge Visitor Centre

  • 参观巨石阵

  • Guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath

  • 游览联合国教科文组织世界遗产名城----巴斯

  • Ramble through the picturesque Cotswolds

  • 车览风景如画的科茨沃尔德

  • Entry to William Shakespeare’s Cottage

  • 参观莎士比亚故居

  • Guided tour of Chester taking in the city walls and the remains of a Roman amphitheatre

  • 讲解参观切斯特古罗马城墙及圆形剧场遗址

  • Ramble through the Snowdonia National Park

  • 车览雪墩山国家公园

  • Entry to Caernarfon Castle

  • 卡纳芬城堡参观

  • Time at the Victorian seaside resort of Llandudno

  • 在维多利亚时期的海滨度假小镇兰迪德诺逗留

  • Cruise on Lake Windermere

  • 温德米尔湖游船

  • Entry to Glasgow Cathedral

  • 参观格拉斯哥大教堂

  • Entry to St Mungo Museum of Religious Life & Art

  • 参观圣穆格宗教艺术博物馆

  • Entry to Loch Ness Visitor Centre

  • 尼斯湖游客中心游览

  • A sail on Loch Ness with stories of Jacobite rebels and views of Urquhart Castle

  • 尼斯湖游览,倾听詹姆斯叛军往事,眺望厄克特城堡

  • Visit to the Battle of Culloden Visitor Centre

  • 参观克洛登战役遗址游客中心

  • Guided tour of Blair Atholl Whisky Distillery

  • 导览布莱尔阿索尔威士忌酒厂

  • Entry to Scone Palace with afternoon tea in the Palace Rooms

  • 游览斯康皇宫并在皇殿大厅享用下午茶

  • Guided tour of Edinburgh & entry to the castle

  • 爱丁堡导览及城堡参观

  • Entry to Durham Cathedral

  • 参观杜伦大教堂

  • Journey through the Peak District

  • 游览北约克沼泽公园

  • Guided tour of York

  • 约克导览

  • Entry to Jorvik Viking Centre

  • 参观约为克北欧海盗中心

  • Guided tour of Cambridge with entry to King’s College Chapel

  • 游览剑桥及国王学院礼拜堂

  • Dedicated group manager for duration of the holiday

  • 全程专业团队经理陪同

  • Luxury travel throughout

  • 全程奢华出行体验

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