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Discover Scotland’s famous heroes, its legendary locations and even its most famous resident. Join our non-stop, jam packed tour of Scotland’s most spectacular scenery and most gruesome, and bloodthirsty history!

寻找苏格兰著名英雄的足迹,走访他们的传奇地点和生平旧居。加入我们惊喜不断的行程, 一同来体验苏格兰独一无二的壮观景致和它的血色历史!

Including the following:


  • 7 nights bed and breakfast staying in specially selected hotels throughout the Edinburgh, Stirling, Fort William, Highlands and Perth areas (2nights in the Edinburgh area, 2 nights in the Stirling area, 1 night in the Fort William area, 1 night in the Highlands, 1 night in Perth)

  • 爱丁堡、斯特灵、福特威廉、高地、珀斯地区共七晚精选家庭旅馆住宿(其中爱丁堡两晚、斯特灵两晚、福特威廉一晚、高地一晚、珀斯一晚)

  • Guided tour of Edinburgh

  • 爱丁堡城市观光

  • Entry to Edinburgh Castle

  • 参观爱丁堡城堡

  • Entry to the Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre

  • 班诺克本战役游客中心参观

  • Entry to Stirling Castle

  • 参观斯特灵城堡

  • Rob Roy discovery cruise on Loch Lomond

  • 乘坐罗蒙湖上的罗布∙罗伊探索游船

  • Visit to Ben Nevis Whisky Distillery with complimentary tasting and experienced guide

  • 参观本尼维斯威士忌酒厂并体验威士忌品鉴会

  • Entry to Loch Ness Visitor Centre

  • 参观尼斯湖访问中心

  • Sail on Loch Ness with stories of Jacobite rebels with views of Urquhart Castle

  • 尼斯湖游船,倾听詹姆斯叛军往事,眺望厄克特城堡

  • Visit to Battle of Culloden Visitor Centre

  • 参观克洛登战役遗址游客中心

  • Entry to Scone Palace with afternoon tea in the Palace rooms

  • 游览斯康皇宫并在皇殿大厅享用下午茶

  • Luxury travel throughout

  • 全程奢华出行体验