A grand sightseeing tour of England’s Eastern highlights exploring its stunning landscapes, areas of outstanding natural beauty teeming with wildlife and visiting its ancient cities. Discover a land steeped in history, culture and tradition, journeying aboard a vintage steam train and cruise along the river taking in the picturesque views.


Including the following:


  • 8 nights bed and breakfast staying in specially selected hotels throughout the London, Cambridge, Norwich, Sheffield and Yorkshire areas (1 night in London, 1 night in Cambridge, 2 nights in Norwich, 2 nights in Sheffield and 2 nights in Yorkshire)

  • 伦敦、剑桥、诺维奇、谢菲尔德、约克地区共八晚优质家庭旅馆住宿(其中伦敦一晚、剑桥一晚、诺维奇两晚、谢菲尔德两晚、约克两晚)

  • Brief sightseeing tour of London with a shopping opportunity on Oxford Street and Covent Garden

  • 伦敦市区观光,并有机会在牛津街和考文花园购物

  • Guided tour of the University City of Cambridge visiting King’s College Chapel and Queens' College

  • 剑桥大学导览,参观国王学院礼拜堂及皇后学院

  • Visit to the Sulfolk coastal town of Aldeburgh

  • 参观萨福克海岸的海滨小镇奥尔德堡

  • Cruise along the Norfolk Broads to discover Britain’s magical waterland thriving with wildlife

  • 沿诺福克海岸行船探索英国神奇的水域,这里栖息着许多野生物种

  • Ticket for a vintage steam train journeying on the North Norfolk Railway through an area of outstanding natural beauty

  • 乘坐复古蒸汽小火车穿梭于北诺福克优美的自然风光带中

  • Visit to the thriving market towns of Kings Lynn and Boston

  • 参观繁荣的集镇金斯林和波士顿

  • Guided tour of Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter exploring its medieval past and Roman connections

  • 林肯大教堂参观导览,探索它中世纪与罗马人的历史

  • Time at the elegant Yorkshire Spa town of Harrogate with afternoon tea in a local eatery

  • 在约克郡的温泉小镇哈罗盖特品尝当地的下午茶

  • Sightseeing tour of the Yorkshire Dales taking in its beautiful valleys, spectacular waterfalls and ancient woodland

  • 约克郡山谷观光,那里还有壮观的瀑布和古老的森林

  • Luxury travel throughout

  • 全程奢华出行体验



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