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Discover ireland’s great cities, iconic destinations and breathtaking attractions, as we travel around both north and south of the enchanting emerald isle.


Including the following:


  • 7 nights bed and breakfast staying in specially selected hotels throughout the Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Donegal and Belfast areas (2 nights in the Dublin area, 1 night in Waterford area, 1 night in Cork area, 1 night in Limerick area, 1 night in Donegal area, 1 night in Belfast area)

  • 都柏林,、沃特福德、 库克、利默里克、多尼戈尔郡、贝尔法斯特区域七晚优质家庭旅馆住宿(其中都柏林两晚、 沃特福德一晚、 库克一晚、利默里克一晚、多尼戈尔郡一晚、贝尔法斯特一晚)

  • Guided tour of Dublin, entry to The Guinness Storehouse Factory,

  • 都柏林城市观光,参观健力士啤酒厂

  • Journey through the Wicklow Mountains,

  • 探索威克洛山脈

  • Entry to Waterford Crystal

  • 参观沃特福德水晶厂

  • Walking tour of Cork including a visit to the famous English Market

  • 步行游览库克和当地著名的英格兰集市

  • Visit to Blarney Castle and Gardens

  •  游览孛拉尼城堡和花园

  • Scenic ramble through Ring of Kerry

  •  游览凯里风景区

  • Entry to John Kings Castle

  • 参观国王约翰的城堡 

  • Time in Limerick

  • 游览利默里克

  • Time in Donegal

  • 游览多尼戈尔郡

  • Entry to the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre

  • 游览巨人之路游客中心

  • Guided tour of the Murals of Belfast

  • 参观贝尔法斯特的壁画馆 

  • Entry to the Titanic Experience

  • 参观泰坦尼克号纪念博物馆 

  • Luxury Travel throughout

  • 全程奢华出行体验