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Iconic tales of England’s great cities, rolling hills and vast landscapes as we delve into the inspiration behind some of the country’s famous authors and writers.


Including the following:


  • 8 nights bed and breakfast staying in specially selected hotels throughout the London, Bath, Cotswolds, Lake District and York areas (2 nights in London, 1 night in Bath, 1 night in the Cotswolds, 1 night in the Lake District, 1 night in York,1 night in London)

  • 伦敦、巴斯、科茨沃尔德、湖区及约克地区八晚优质家庭旅馆住宿(其中伦敦两晚、巴斯一晚、科茨沃尔德一晚、湖区一晚、约克一晚、伦敦一晚)

  • Brief sightseeing tour of London’s top literacy locations

  • 浏览伦敦最佳人文景点

  • Entry to Charles Dickens House

  • 参观查尔斯∙狄更斯故居

  • Entry to Westminster Abbey

  • 参观威斯特敏斯特大教堂

  • Four Course medieval banquet at Tower Bridge with entertainment and unlimited wine, beer & soft drinks

  • 在伦敦塔桥享用四道菜式的中世纪晚宴和娱乐活动,酒水饮料畅饮

  • Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

  • 参观莎士比亚的环球剧院

  • Guided walk through central London following in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes

  • 跟随夏洛特∙福尔摩斯的足迹,步行穿越伦敦市中心

  • Entry to The Jane Austen Centre

  • 参观简∙奥斯丁游客中心

  • Guided tour of Regency Bath exploring Jane Austen’s inspiration

  • 穿梭在文化名城巴斯,寻找简∙奥斯汀的灵感

  • Afternoon Tea at the grand rooms of The Pump Restaurant

  • 在Pump餐厅的华丽茶室享用下午茶

  • Entry to William Shakespeare’s Cottage

  • 参观莎士比亚的出生地

  • Entry to Anne Hathaway’s cottage

  • 参观安妮∙海瑟薇的农舍

  • Entry to Beatrix Potter World

  • 参观彼得兔博物馆

  • Entry to Dove Cottage & Wordsworth Museum

  • 参观鸽子农舍和华兹华斯博物馆

  • Entry to the Bronte Parsonage

  • 参观勃朗特家族博物馆

  • Guided tour of York exploring the Shambles

  • 参观约克肉铺街

  • Entry to York Minster

  • 参观约克大教堂

  • Entry to Warners Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter

  • 参观电影《哈利波特》的制作公司----华纳兄弟工作室

  • Luxury travel throughout

  • 全程奢华出行体验